DHI (Direct Hair Implant)

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) was developed as a new method after the FUE method. This method is applied in many specific hair transplant centres in the world and Turkey. In this method, hair follicles (grafts) are taken from the donor area with a micro motor. Grafts are then transplanted one by one, thanks to special pens with very fine tips which were created for this job, removing the need for canals to be created in the area to be transplanted. This method is harder and takes more time than the classic FUE method.

Advantages of DHI;

•The healing process takes a shorter time because the canal is not opened in the hair transplant area.
•It provides denser transplantation compared to the FUE method. It is possible to transplant 40-60 grafts per square centimetre(cm2).
•It is a more comfortable and painless method for the patient.
•It ensures that the hair is transplanted in accordance with the natural growth direction in the area to be transplanted.
•More natural appearance and more successful results are obtained, especially in hair transplantation with DHI method on the front hairline.
The DHI method results in high patient satisfaction, maintains the closest appearance to the natural hair, gives more intense hair transplantation and faster recovery process.